Terms of Reference


(Unincorporated Association)

1.1 The name of the organisation is Chipping Barnet Town Team herein referred to as CBTT.

2. Vision
2.1 In the Chipping Barnet Town Centre Strategy (CBTCS) there is a vision of a town centre that is economically, commercially and environmentally viable and is a vibrant destination with quality shopping and leisure facilities, well designed housing and a high quality sustainable environment that serves the needs of the local community.
2.1 The adopted CBTCS and its Action Plan set out objectives to realise this vision.

3. Aims and Objectives
3.1. To implement the Action Plan of the CBTCS in partnership with other local stakeholders, with agreed actions and responsibilities, milestones and outcomes and identified funding.
3.2 To maintain an ongoing strategic overview of retail, traffic, public transport, parking, pedestrian access, planning and architecture, conservation, heritage, community venues and disabled facilities.
3.3 To consider changes to the Action Plan if necessary as implementation proceeds or new issues are identified under paragraph 3.2.
3.4 To represent the interests of their organisations CBTT members should seek their views via regular communication channels and give feedback on the actions of CBTT

4. The area within which the partnership operates
4.1 The accepted areas of the town centre includes those within the boundary of the map. .

5. Funding
5.1 CBTT can apply for funds from London Borough Barnet, other public bodies and other sources for specific projects designed to deliver the aims and objectives of CBTT.
5.2 CBTT may raise funds through events and activities.
5.3 CBTT may raise funds by charging for delivering services

6. Membership
6.1 There will be a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 18 members.
6.2 Core members of CBTT are a Councillor, at least 1 senior Council Officer and one representative from each of the town’s residents and traders associations (currently Barnet Residents Association, Barnet Society, Friends of Barnet Market, Hadley Residents Association and SPACES).
6.3 Any local group or organisation, with a local interest and an open membership, may apply for a single representative to sit as a permanent member of the CBTT. (See 6.6 below)
6.4 Other members may be co-opted if they offer specific valued skills or experience. CBTT will in its sole discretion determine the mix and range of membership.
6.5 An open invitation is extended to the Chipping Barnet Member of Parliament, currently Theresa Villiers.
6.6 Potential new members should apply by emailing the Secretary at secretary@chippingbarnettownteam.org
to start the application process.
6.7 The Chair and Vice Chair will be elected from within the CBTT at the AGM. The Chair should be the local Barnet Councillor. The Chair will have a casting vote. Each will hold office for a year and may stand for re-election at the AGM subject to a maximum of 4 years (from date of Local Council Elections) but can be re-elected if they continue to hold office.
6.8 The Secretary and Treasurer will be elected from within CBTT at the AGM. Each will hold office for a year and may stand for re-election.
6.9 CBTT can set up sub-groups to work on detailed development of specific areas and make recommendations to CBTT. A sub-group should have no more than 10 members. Sub-group leaders should be selected from CBTT core membership. Other individuals (not necessarily TT members) can be invited to join the sub group if they have the skills and experience necessary for the specific task.
6.10 Members of CBTT and its sub-groups should have the time available to read documents, attend meetings and help deliver the aims and objectives of the CBTT, specifically the CBTCS Action Plan.
6.11 CBTT members can be removed if
– they no longer fulfil the criteria for membership (see 6.3 & 6.4 above)
– they or their deputy fail to attend three consecutive meetings without good reason or notice.
– their behaviour is obstructive or breeches these terms of reference.
If any of these issues arise see appendix 3 for process for terminating membership of TT.
6.12 Members must abide by CBTT Diversity and Equality policy. Members of the TT agree to adopt the current Barnet Council Diversity and Equality policy found at:


6.13 Members must declare any conflict of interest in advance of any matter to be discussed.
6.14 Each CBTT member is liable for his or her actions and activities and accountable to the CBTT and it’s own member organisation.

7. Functions and Powers
7.1 CBTT will meet to progress the aims and objectives. It will prioritise the delivery of projects as identified in the Action Plan and make strategic funding decisions.
7.2 Sub-groups will only have the power to make recommendations to CBTT.
7.3 CBTT has the power to disband subgroups.
7.4 CBTT has the power to amend these Terms of Reference at an AGM through a majority vote of its members.

8. Specific Responsibilities
8.1 The Chair can be any member of CBTT and will provide leadership and direction to further the aims and objectives of the CBTT.
8.2 In the Chair’s absence the Vice-Chair will undertake these duties. If neither is available then a member of the CBTT will be nominated by the Chair for the next meeting only.
8.3. The Secretary will:
– Liaise with the Chair to compile agendas, arrange meetings and invite/thank guests.
– Take minutes, which will be a record of the actions and agreements taken at each TT meeting unless any member requests that verbatim details of the deliberations be recorded.
– Circulate the minutes within 7 working days of the meeting.
– Process any new applications for membership. See appendix 2.
– At all times keep an up to date list of members and monitor individual members attendance.
– Own the TOR and arrange an annual review.
8.4 The Treasurer will have general financial oversight and:
– monitor and prepare budgets, accounts and financial statements on behalf of the CBTT.
– present budgets for all ongoing and new activities at every meeting including the AGM.
– manage the CBTT bank account.
– ensure suitable insurance is in place where deemed necessary e.g. Public Liability.
– ensure everyone handling money keeps proper records and documentation.

9. Meetings and Protocol
9.1 CBTT will meet every two months. Each agenda will include an item ‘Review of Action Plan’ and Date of next meeting and Chairperson. Additional meetings may be called if deemed appropriate by
the Chair.
9.2 Agendas will be sent out by the Secretary no less than 7 days before the meeting.
9.3 In the event that the Chair and Vice-Chair are both absent at a properly convened meeting the members may elect a chair from among themselves for that meeting only. The Chair should be decided at the last meeting they are present.
9.4 Members are expected to attend meetings regularly or provide a deputy.
9.5 CBTT requires 50% of its members to be quorate. 9.6 An AGM will be held annually not more than 7 months from financial year-end.. The financial year is deemed to be 31st December.
One of the regular meetings will be deemed to be the AGM in order to carryout elections. The date of the AGM should be decided at a CBTT meeting.
The AGM will report on
-membership of the team
– progress on the Action Plan
– funding and finance
– any required amendments to these terms of reference
– the quorum is the same as that for a CBTT meeting
9.6 Each member shall have one vote at regular meetings and at the AGM. The
Chair will have a casting vote if there is a deadlock.

10. Sub-groups terms of reference
10.1 CBTT will determine the leaders of the sub-groups. Leaders of the sub-groups will invite core members of the CBTT and convene the group. Other members (not on CBTT) may be invited to join the sub group if they offer specific valued skills or experience. CBTT will in its sole discretion determine the mix and range of membership.
There should be no more than 6 members.
10.2 Each sub-group should develop the project’s terms of reference to be approved by the CBTT.
10.3 The sub-groups shall meet as often as required to deliver the project. The leader of the sub group should be prepared to report back, however briefly, at each CBTT meeting.
A quorum shall be 50% of sub group members.
10.4 Minutes of sub-group meetings shall be forwarded to the Secretary of CBTT within 7 days of a meeting and circulated to the core CBTT group.

11. Frequency of review
11.1 The Terms of Reference shall be subject to an annual review by CBTT at the AGM. The Secretary shall be responsible for this review, co-opting core members of the CBTT as necessary.

12. Dissolution
12.1 In the event that a majority of members consider there is no further business to be conducted as a group they have the powers to propose and effect a dissolution.

13. Members of CBTT
Members at May 2017 include:
Councillor David Longstaff – Councillor for High Barnet Ward – (Chair)
Shelley Rahman – High Street & Town Centre Investment Manager Capita Re
Kit Carstairs – Friends of Barnet Market (FOBM)
Julia Gibbs – SPACES
James Winnpenny – Hunters Asset Management (The Spires)
Gillian Codling – Hadley Residents Association (HRA)
Judith Clouston – Barnet Society (Treasurer)
Susie Earnshaw – The Bull Theatre
Gordon Massey – Barnet Residents Association (BRA) – Janet Littlewood from Sept 2017.
Gail Laser – Love Barnet (Vice Chair)
Theresa Villiers – MP for Chipping Barnet
Phil Archer – Manager of Waitrose in Chipping Barnet
Bob Burstow – Chipping Barnet Churches Together (Secretary)
Penny Baxter – Representative for Chipping Barnet Disability Groups
Krimo Assoul – Coffee Bean
Mike Noronha – Barnet Museum
Ken Rowland – Fibre4Barnet
Jenny Shearsby – Statons
David Byrne – Barnet & Southgate College
Ave Vinick

Bob Burstow,
Secretary to the CBTT

Version 5.1a
Dated 16 May 2017
Prepared by Julia Gibbs & Ken Rowland.

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