Having Fun Again!

Battle of Barnet at 550. I invite everyone to support our efforts to hold a successful first post-pandemic Medieval Festival in High Barnet – hopefully during the weekend of 11 September 2021. Details are available at https://www.spacehive.com/battle-barnet-550.

We need to get 50 local supporters by Friday to qualify for a Make London grant. Remember, even £2 will help!

You can help in two ways:
– By helping to grow the list of local pledges. The more pledges we have, the more support we are likely to get from the professional funding groups. The minimum pledge is £2.00, a small amount to add your voice to the fundraising drive, and which will only be collected once we have raised all of the £25,322 we are looking for.
– Secondly, as just as importantly, by spreading the word about this crowdfunding exercise to any or all of the groups of which you are a member. Please feel free to copy and paste this text into your email, to save your time.

Remember – don’t just ‘like’ the project, help fund it.
Thank you for everything you are able to do to help.

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