Chipping Barnet Community Plan

The Community Plan will bring together project ideas for Chipping Barnet Town Centre to create a shared vision for the future.

Architecture 00 have been appointed by Barnet Council to develop the Plan.

Latest News

  • Having Fun Again!
    Battle of Barnet at 550. I invite everyone to support our efforts to hold a successful first post-pandemic Medieval Festival in High Barnet – hopefully during the weekend of 11 September 2021. Details are available at We need to get 50 local supporters by Friday to qualify for a Make London grant. Remember, even
  • Chipping Barnet Community Plan: introduction and guide
    I have been hearing from a number of people about the size and apparent complexity of the website. This brief introduction is intended to help you get started. Firstly, do not think of as a book to be read from cover to cover. Instead, think of it as a replacement for a public event,
  • Discussions on the new Town Plan are now Open
    Despite the interruption and problems posed by the pandemic, it is great to welcome the online consultation area to discuss the next steps in the development of our new Town Plan. Just go to read it through and make your contributon to the discussion. Spread the word. Now is the chance to influence the
  • A Virtual Teenage Market
    We thought that as the Teenage Market has had to stop operating for a while, you might like a chance or two to browse what our traders and performers have to offer online. Enjoy. Traders Musicians
  • Barnet Teenage Market and Corvid-19
    I am sorry to report that the Teenage Market will cease to operate for the present, as it goes against the government guidelines on social interaction. I am still maintaining advertising for traders and performers from July, in the hope that we will be better informed by then, and that our recovery as a country
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