Barnet Teenage Market

Teenage Markets in Barnet: things you need to knowChipping Barnet has a historic but fading market. Young people in the town have a limited outlet for their entrepreneurial and performance skills. Addressing these two needs together will benefit both.

The traditional market operates at times when young people are in education or getting ready for the day. This project will introduce a new market for the post-school, pre-evening time. It will offer stalls for young people wishing to sell and a sound stage for young people wanting to try out their ideas to a live audience. The money raised has bought infrastructure: stalls, staging, amplification, cafe seating and parasols. It will also fund services for the pilot period: site crews to set-up and take-down, cost of extra policing (if necessary) and cleaning.

Having been open monthly for two years, we were in the process of moving down the High Street to the Barnet College plaza. Now that a new normailty is gradually occurring, we hope to get this move underway. Look for us again in the autumn!

See here for more information:
Teenage Markets in Barnet: things you need to know

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