Barnet Borough Shop Front Design Guidelines

Here is a quick overview of the publication. It may be seen in full at:

A shopfront may be of traditional or modern design, and use a variety of materials, but should relate to the local street scene and observe the following principles:

The following examples illustrate some of the preferred and less preferred ways of designing elements of shopfronts:





You may need to apply for planning permission or advertising consent for the following:
• a shopfront • a fascia • a shutter • a blind • a projecting sign.
Stronger controls apply, and higher quality designs are expected, for listed buildings, those in conservation areas or in an Area of Special Advertisement Control.

When considering a new shopfront design or any changes to  an existing shopfront, do contact the Planning Department on 0208 359 3000.
Alternatively, visit Planning Reception at: Barnet House, 1255 High Road, Whetstone N20 0EJ


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